Alright, so I wanted to go over one last thing before we dive into Unit One, and that is a few Frequently Asked Questions that I get asked a lot. 

So the first one I get asked is “How much time will I need to devote to this?” 

Well, if you plan on getting through one lesson every week, you can plan to devote maybe two hours a week. You can of course go through it at your own speed, you can do more lessons or less lessons per week. But in general, each lesson has several modules. Each module is no more than 10 to 15 minutes, and then you’ll have your homework wrap up assignment. So I would not anticipate that if you do one lesson a week, it will take you less than two hours. 

Another question I get asked is “Where can I find all of the videos?” and “Where can I find the workbook?”, “Where can I find everything that’s inside this course?” 

So everything inside this course is located here in the private membership community. So when you registered, you would have gotten an email that had a link to the membership platform and details on how to log in. So go to your inbox, look for that email, and follow these instructions there. You’re going to find all the assignments, all the lessons and videos, the outlines, the workbook, everything that you need to successfully complete this course inside the membership community. 

So those are the big questions. I don’t have a whole lot of questions, I just wanted to cover those here and now so that you can get started without any questions in your mind. 

Good luck, guys!

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