Introduction to Unit 1

Welcome to Unit 1 of Written Results Academy! 

During this unit, we’re going to talk about the foundations that are necessary to have in place before you ever write a word of copy. Let me tell you a little bit of a story that illustrates what I mean. 

Have you ever built a sandcastle? My husband and I are secretly just a couple of kids, and for our 10-year anniversary, we flew down to Mexico and spent a week on the beach. It was amazing! At that time, our kids were pretty young, they were in grade school. And so we went without them, left them at Grandma’s house. But after a few days, we started missing our kids. And so we did what any parent does when they miss their kids: they start doing things that their kids would enjoy. 

So we would go out and build a sandcastle every day when we were at the beach, and we would take pictures and send it back to the kids and show them while we were on, you know, FaceTime calls with grandma and grandpa and stuff. And they thought it was so cool. Like we went all out, we dug the moat, we found driftwood for the drawbridge, we put little sticks in there for flags. Like, we spent hours building these elaborate sand castles.

Inevitably though, the tide would come in and start to eat away at the bottom of the sandcastle. First, the moat would float off, and then you lose the whole front of the sandcastle. And by the time the next morning came, there was no more sandcastle we would have to start completely over because there was no foundation. There wasn’t anything that was going to keep that sandcastle anchored in place. 

Without a foundation, the same thing can happen with sales copy. If there’s no foundation underneath it, holding it up and anchoring it in place, it’s not going to convert the way you need it to. 

Unit 1 is going to teach you what those foundations are, and exactly what you need to do in order to put them into place. So, when you put the right foundations in place before you write, the words will resonate with the target audience and they won’t just go in one ear and out the other. They won’t get washed away with trends and whatever the prevailing tides might bring. 

So let’s just give a quick overview and then we’ll dive right into the first lesson. 

So there are five foundations that make up the sales copy foundations ecosystem, each foundation is part of a business’s brand or communication. Together, they create a solid platform that will give you the structure that you need to go into a project fully prepared to create the sales copy and messaging that they need. 

So foundation one, we’re going to talk about Copy Type. There are three types of copywriting. And even if you only ever write sales copy, you need a solid understanding of all three, where you’ll find them and what their unique purposes are. Not only will it help you know how the pieces fit together, but it will help you be able to assist your client as they create content on their end, as far as you know, social media and website and brand messaging, so that it all goes together. 

The second foundation we’ll be talking about in Lesson 2 is Client Voice. When you can communicate for the client as the client, it gives you that expert level communication that lets you land those high ticket and well paying projects. 

Third, we’re going to go over Target Market. And I’m convinced that this is the number one most important foundation of all. The ability to access target markets well is absolutely vital to your success as a sales conversion copywriter. 

Fourth, we’re going to go over the Five Objectives of Copy. So there’s five things that sales copy needs to accomplish in order to get the results that the client wants. So we’re going to do a deep dive into what I call the sales copy funnel, and see how all five objectives work together. 

And finally, we’re going to go over Audience Mentality. Knowing where the audience is at, in terms of their readiness to buy, gives you the ability to meet them where they are and then bring them with you all the way back to the Buy Now button. 

Alright, so next up, we’re gonna dive right into the first foundation in lesson one on the 3 Types of Copy.

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