Beliefs Module 2

Okay, let’s break it down. Let’s talk about our first objective here for this Belief pillar.

The first thing we need to do for our clients is identify any false beliefs that the audience has. Number one, identify false beliefs. If we don’t know what they are, then we won’t address them. And if we don’t address them, they’re just going to sit there like the elephant in the room and stand in the way of the client’s ability to step forward and grasp the offer. So we’ve got to move them out of the way. 

So let’s look at this in terms of an offer that I worked on a couple of years ago. My client was Rachel Peterson, she’s a friend of mine as a coach. We’ve worked together closely on multiple projects over the years and this particular one she developed was called “60 Days to 1 Million Followers.”

Her goal was to give entrepreneurs and influencers who wanted to use social media platforms to grow their followings a ‘behind the scenes, watch over my shoulder’ view of what she was going to do over the course of 60 days to take her following from 300,000 to a million. That was her big goal. To grow her following, use every strategy, try every trick in the book, every ethical, workable trick in the book, to grow her following and give other people the chance to watch behind the scenes. 

In order for her messaging to really reach and hit, we had to sit down and think about what her audience believes about growing a following on social media. If we didn’t address what they already believed and break down any false beliefs they had about it, we’re already behind the eight ball when it comes to our messaging. So I sat down with Rachel and we talked about what false beliefs her audience might have. 

We came up with things like, these entrepreneurs and influencers have been told that organic reach is dead, that it’s not possible to grow without paid ads. They’ve also been told that webinars are dead challenges or dead emails. So they’ve been told all of these ways that they hear in the market, that none of it works, there’s nothing but paid traffic to help them grow their audience. 

They also have false beliefs about the different experiences they’ve had with things that they’ve tried. Maybe they hired a social media manager, or maybe they bought into someone’s program, or read someone’s book and it didn’t work. So they had to conquer that, you know, they have these misconceptions. They’re like, “No, I don’t think it’s possible for someone to grow that fast, because I even hired an expert to do it, and they couldn’t do it.” 

Or they’ll say that that’s just something people say to brag, but it doesn’t really happen. They also look at who Rachael is. They look at her. She’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s popular, she already has a pretty big following. That’s great for her, that’s totally going to work for her. But it will never work for me, because I’m just a normal everyday Joe. I couldn’t go out there and grow my following like that, because I’m not her. 

Think about those beliefs. We had beliefs about paid traffic. We had beliefs about the different strategies. And we even have beliefs about they themselves, what would be capable for them based on who they are. 

Now that we’ve identified some of those, we can move on to objective number two, we need to address the false beliefs so that we can make sure to mention them in the copy before the audience even brings them up. 

Now, this is an important part of connection. If the audience feels seen, heard, and understood, the trust level goes up, the likability factor goes up, and they’re much more likely to believe something that Rachel, or whoever the client is, is telling them. 

Objective number two is just call it out. Call out the false beliefs. They have them anyway, the fact that they’re not mentioning them doesn’t make them go away, right? So make a list, write them down. 

Then let’s think about what are the reasons that they have these false beliefs? Where’s this coming from and what’s the real truth behind it? So when it comes to something like Rachel’s offer, they obviously have big goals. They have this desire to grow their following, whether it’s for notoriety, to be well known, or to attract more clients and customers to their business. That’s a valid desire, right? 

Sometimes they can hold themselves back with invalid false beliefs. There are all these things that they think are real reasons for not getting the results that they want. We need to shine a light on them and show them to be false, if they’re false. 

Let’s shift a little bit and let’s take a look at a different offer in terms of calling them out. So let’s take Written Results Academy for instance. When I did marketing here, for this offer, I really had to think about the beliefs that you guys have, about your abilities as a copywriter, your abilities to attract high ticket clients, and your abilities to grow a full-time business as a copywriter and learn how to get results every single time, I had to really dial in on those things. 

There are things that were holding you back. You might believe that only a select few ever rise to the level of expert. You might also believe that there are just not enough clients out there. You might believe that there’s no way to know whether or not you’ll get results, so there’s no way to uplevel yourself because you don’t think there’s a way to tell what other false beliefs might add up. You might have thought that writers don’t make very good money, that writers can’t go high ticket. What else? You might have been thinking that no one can afford high ticket prices for copywriters, that no one’s gonna pay that, for just words. So no one can or will pay high ticket prices. 

You might even say, this isn’t going to work for me because I’ve never taken a course. Even though you’re in a course right now, you’re thinking, ”I’ve never taken one of those courses, I can’t do it,” or “I don’t have a degree.” 

See how these things start filling our mind? These are the things we tell ourselves. They keep us up at night. They keep us from taking action, taking a chance on ourselves, on something new to accomplish our goals and dreams.

Now we’ve identified the false beliefs and we need to break them down. We need to talk about what the truth is behind these. So for each one, we’ll talk about what’s really true. 

So you’ve made this list of false beliefs that your clients’ target audiences have. Then I want you to walk through them one by one and break it down in terms of your client’s offer, in terms of what the real truth is, why they’re not true. That way, you know how to respond, even though the conversation at this point is probably only going on inside the target audience’s mind. If you can respond by calling those false beliefs out and then addressing why they’re not true, you’re being a ninja copywriter, mind reader, and audience. It’s just amazing to see how that builds connection but also heavy in the communication as well. 

Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about the idea that only if you succeed, okay, this is not true. There are more high ticket sales copywriters out there. Not only is that not true, but this one’s not true and they’re connected, right? 

Let’s talk about this: Who needs sales copy? Everyone. Every business, anyone who sells any product or service, these need sales copy. So not all only are there lots of high ticket sales copywriters out there, but there’s more than enough room for a bunch more. 

In this program, I want to help you become one of those because the industry needs you. No matter what industry you write for, or what industry you want to be in, we need gold standard, high level, integrity-filled sales copywriters. So I can tell you right now, these two are not true. 

How about this third one, there’s no way to know what kind of results you’re gonna get, or there’s no way to know or feel confident that you can get good results. That also is not true. The frameworks, and the tools I’m going to give you are going to show you everything the audience’s thinking, feeling, understanding, and knowing. I’ll help you frame the copy in a way that can meet them where they’re at and make it so clear and plain that the solution is right there in front of them in the form of your client’s offer. 

I’m also going to teach you how to read analytics and data. Data does not lie, okay? You can know what type of results you’re gonna get, and then go from there in subsequent campaigns feeling confident that you can predict what’s going to happen. So I’m going to teach you much more about that in the future. 

Now, this idea that writers can go high ticket. That kind of goes in with the whole starving artist thing, right? There’s this misconception that people who are creatives don’t make that much money. That is not true. If you can write words that sell, you can pretty much write your ticket. If you can get results and prove it, people will pay for your services. I tripled my income the first 30 days that I went all in on my sales copy business. Within the first 12 months, I had generated over a quarter-million dollars, just one year after starting. So it is possible. And I’m a farm wife from Iowa. I have never worked outside the home, I’ve always worked from an in-home business. I can do it, you can do it. 

Those are some of the things that I told you during the promotion for this, and they are some of the things that I believe so strongly in because they’re true. 

Let’s look at this one: “No one can or will pay high ticket prices.” This also is not true, because there are tons of people out there. There are big businesses, big corporations who do understand the value of digital marketing and sales copy that converts. If you have not found any of them yet, we are going to get you up to the level where your results prove what you can do so that those high ticket people who are willing to be at those high ticket prices will be excited to work with you. 

I tell you what, there are people out there who pay $50,000 for a sales letter, your corporate sales letter. I mean, people will pay if you can prove results. The Dan Kennedys of the world charge five figures to even look at your stuff. So don’t worry about that. 

So the idea that you can’t succeed as a high ticket sales copywriter, because you’ve never taken a course and you don’t have a degree. I’ve never taken a course. I don’t have a degree. I don’t consider this program a course. This is more than a course. This is a training platform from somebody who has been in the trenches and knows, understands how this industry works and wants to help you get results. 

Okay, so we broke all those down. Once you hear the truth behind the lies, it’s a lot harder to go back to the lie and accept it as truth right. So that covers number one and two. I’m going to go into the third one in just a second. So go ahead and click through to the next video where I will talk about the third and final objective of the Belief pillar.

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