Beliefs Module Homework

Hey guys! I wanted to take a minute to run through homework for pillar number one on Belief. 

Your workbook is going to look a little bit different because they’re in production right now, getting a facelift, so that they’re completely on brand with the Academy. But the content is the same. 

Once you hop into the homework workbook, you’re going to see that each lesson has an assignment. These workbooks are fillable. You should be able to get into the PDF, download it, and you can type right into the document. Otherwise, you can print it off and write in it yourself. 

You can also save copies of it and actually take each client through these as you go. If there’s an area that you feel like their messaging needs help and you want to run them through one of the pillars, or one of the foundations of copy that we went over in Unit One, you’ll be able to save a copy. You could actually have a full messaging workbook for each and every one of your clients. So, so helpful. 

Let’s look at pillar number one, Belief. 

In the workbook, you’re going to find that I’ve included the impact statement for every single lesson and the objectives. 

So for Belief, the idea is that people act according to what they believe to be true. In this homework, we’re going to work to identify the beliefs that your target audience has that might keep them from committing to the offer and buying it. Then we’re going to address them in the copy before they even have a chance to bring them up. 

So the first question you’re going to run through is, “What does your target audience believe about themselves in relation to the offer?” So, can it be positive or negative? What does the target audience believe about the offer? What do they believe about the thing that they want, that might be holding them back? You’ll want to list as many things as you can think of, but try to come up with at least three or four. 

On the next page, you’re going to write down what are the real reasons they haven’t been able to achieve, what’s holding them back. We have these ideas of why we’re not where we want to be, right? But what are the real reasons? What is it that’s really holding them back? What’s the real truth behind What’s going on? I would create several statements for each false belief. It could be an emotional reason, a mental reason, or even a physical factor that could be holding them back. 

Then, finally, you’re going to make some “What if?” statements to paint the picture of a hopeful outcome The result that they want, we’re going to communicate the thing back to them in terms of opportunity not lost. So, what if the only reason you haven’t been able to build a six figure sales copywriting business is that you didn’t know the Core Four Foundations of Copy that converts that type of copy.

Alright, so that is your homework assignment for Lesson 1 on the pillar of Belief.

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