Framework Intro Part 1

Welcome to Unit Two 

In this unit, I’m going to walk you step by step through the Written Results Framework. This framework is one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever seen when it comes to getting the information you need to help the audience know, see and understand what they need to in order to buy. 

So I mentioned that when I first got started as a sales copywriter, I had a hard time nailing down exactly what it was I was doing that was working. I just I wanted to be able to replicate it over and over and over again so that I could stand up confidently and say, “Yes, I can help you and I know exactly where to start.” But I just couldn’t seem to dial it all down to a repeatable process that was easy to follow. 

I found myself having to connect with clients again and again during the research process to ask follow up questions or questions that I hadn’t thought of before, and I was always going back and forth to get more information. What I wanted was something that I could sit down and go through them, go through with them once, and then hit the research and fill in any of the holes knowing that I was dialing in on exactly what I needed right from the start. 

I’ll never forget the day that everything clicked for me. I was on the phone with a prospect, and he was describing to me how he wanted to lead his clients and customers through an eight-step process based on a session from an event that he had been at. I asked him what event it was thinking, you know, maybe I could look it up or YouTube it or something. And come to find out it was an event that I’ve been at too, and I knew exactly what session he was referring to. 

The session was called “The Road to the Two Comma Club.” You guessed it, this was Funnel Hacking Live 2018, and Russell Brunson called eight entrepreneurs or business owners to the stage to explain one quality that had led them to become a Two Comma Club winner. 

The idea was if somebody put to work these eight principles or eight steps in their business, they could achieve Two Comma Club status as well. So I went looking through my notes, I knew had taken notes and that there was a handout somewhere. And so I started digging through my desk drawers as I was on the phone with this client. And I finally came up with my notebook from that event and pulled it out. 

And sure enough stuffed between a couple of pages was the handout from this session “The road to the Two Comma Club.” And as I looked at what the different guest speakers had talked about, I realized that it was breaking down internal factors that affect our ability to get the results they want. And then some of the speakers were breaking down external factors that affect their ability to get the results that they want. And finally, there were two more steps that broke down how to connect what they really wanted – the end result – with where they were right now. 

And in that moment, I knew I had found my process. If I took those eight pillars, those eight steps, and I overlaid them over my research system, I was able to get all the information I needed about the client, about the target audience and about their offer in order to start writing and know that I was going to come up with exactly what the audience needed to hear, see and understand. 

Everything changed in the way I did my research phase from that moment on. The way I asked questions, the way I looked for information and the way I conducted myself on discovery calls changed because I had this framework of knowing that I was touching on things that other sales copywriters didn’t do, or touching on things that the client had never even thought to address and it was making a difference in their campaigns. 

I took it all apart, put it back together again, really did a deep dive into the questions and the information behind each of these pillars so that I could really draw out the information I needed to get from my clients in order to reach their audiences and connect them with the offer. I started testing it on everyone. I mean, I tested it on anybody who would do it with me for free. 

I must have tested it on a dozen different friends and entrepreneurs. I tested it on people from all different industries products, e-com, coaches, courses, service-based providers. I refined it and tested it and zeroed in on exactly the combination of elements that got the best results for my clients, and it worked. Over and over it worked. And it’ll work for you and your clients too. 

Would you love to get results like this for your clients?

  • This framework helped a client sell out a beta launch to a new program to a cold audience 48 hours after he launched. He even had people begging him to let them in after the doors had closed, so he created two more spots, and those sold out as well. 
  • Another client finally launched his new software platform, and he was able to feel 100% confident that the copy he was writing was going to say everything that needed to be said. And he ended up selling all the spots in the beta for his software as well. 
  • A third client saw record-breaking enrollment in $1,000 program, and it enabled them to put over $100,000 down on their dream house. 
  • And months later after we really dialed in on a new offer, we enrolled more people into their high ticket $12,000 program in one month than they had in any previous year prior to that. 
  • Another client launched a new membership to a cold audience and sold 250 spaces in two weeks. New membership, cold audience. Amazing. 

That’s the kind of results this framework can get you. So let’s talk about my goal for you. In Unit Two I’m going to teach you the framework right down to the last detail. And it’s very detailed. 

This is this same framework I use with my 7- and 8-figure clients when I do deep dive messaging intensives. And when I’m done, I hand them the 15- to 20-page custom messaging report that tells them everything their audience needs to know in order to buy. I sell this custom messaging report for thousands of dollars. It’s that valuable to them. 

Writing sales copy that converts is more than just a job for me. And teaching you is more than just a job for me too. This is my mission. And my goal for Unit Two Written Results Academy is to give you the framework that will help you turn your clients’ missions into a message that converts.

Here’s how we’re gonna follow the eight pillars of messaging found in the framework. The first three pillars address the internal factors that affect sales – belief, identity, and release. The next three pillars address the external factors, things that go on outside of the clients’ mind that affect sales. We’re going to go over covenant language, community, and education. And the final two pillars of the messaging system here that we’re going over talk about the offer itself. And we’re going to talk about resources and assets and value. 

So eight lessons in total plus, I’ve thrown in a few bonus lessons in there, and you’re gonna love it. So let’s go ahead and click through to the next video. I’ll tell you all about what this framework is going to enable you to do and it’s amazing!

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