Homework Copy

Pillar number two: Identity. Let’s take a look at the homework assignment for this particular lesson. 

Our goal is to convince our audience that they are already the right person for this offer. What we want to do in this activity is help them realize that they’re who they need to be already, so that they can snatch up your clients offers and run with them. It’s up to us to show that it’s attainable and they can do it. 

So we’ve got two columns here. 

In the first column, write down who the target audience thinks they need to be in order to get what they want. So we talked about some of the false beliefs, this is more of inaccurate perceptions about themselves. 

Let’s look at this in terms of Written Results Academy. Before you decided to go all in and invest in yourself and in this program in order to learn the foundations of sales copy that converts, you may have had some ideas about who a person needed to be in order to be a sales copy expert. 

I used to have this idea that in order to really be one of the greats you needed to be, like, a 60 year old dude smoking in a high rise office somewhere, looking out over the city of New York and typing on a typewriter. So I thought that I needed to be, you know, a super corporate copywriter, that it was just gonna take having to be something I totally will never be – a dude. We all have those things. 

So for the offer that you’re focusing on for this unit, go ahead and write down who the target audience thinks they need to be. 

Then in the right column, I want you to contrast that with who they really need to be. 

So, in this program, offer, or services being given, list the qualities that that type of a person has. You’re going to kind of contrast and mirror for them what they think is true and what’s really true. 

Then on a second page, we’re gonna write some statements that help them grasp the concept that they don’t need to be anything more than what they already are in order to start. We’re gonna reassure them that they’ve got what it takes and that the offer will fill in the rest. 

So how does the offer come alongside them, and help them be the person that they want to be? So let’s take Written Results for example. This program teaches the skills, the writing, the technical writing skills. But it also teaches the frameworks and the processes and the systems. Even if you’re not organized, even if you’re not super self starting, even if you have never taken another copy course before, everything in this program is designed to help you navigate the sales copy world with success. 

Then finally, and this is one of my favorites, not everyone’s going to be a good fit for the offer, right? We really don’t want to attract everyone, because you’ll end up with tire kickers and complainers and people who just aren’t a good fit. You’ll end up spending the client’s money trying to find and sift through leads that aren’t good. We want to actually use some of this, with the information we’ve gathered, to call out the kind of person that you really are looking for. So you’re going to call out who’s a good fit and who’s not. 

Let’s go ahead and list those qualities of the ideal client. What kind of a person are they? What things are important to them? What’s going to ensure that they’re going to be able to have success? 

Then in the right column, you’re gonna write down the type of person who’s not going to get results from the offer. So for the sake of this academy, I might say the type of person who will get results for this offer is someone who’s committed to excellence. They’re dedicated to following through, they are obsessed with figuring out what makes sales copy tick, and they’re not afraid to dive in and go deep. 

But the type of person who won’t get results from this offer is somebody who just wants a quick fix magic button. There’s no such thing as somebody who’s very negative and complains or somebody who tears other people in this group down, because I’m rabidly protective of you guys. Somebody who just only wants a template or a script, this isn’t going to be a good fit for them. This is much deeper than that. 

So you see how that works. It’s actually super, super powerful, and that’s going to come in really handy in the sales funnel. So enjoy the homework for pillar two.

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