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Offering high-converting sales copywriting services for clients and mentorship and training for freelance copywriting moms.

Free Guide: Grab the Copywriter Profit Pack and get a jumpstart on making money from home as a copywriter.
Free Masterclass: Learn my 3-step framework to making money from anywhere as a freelance copywriter.
Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp: Build the ultimate sales tool for your services. Includes trainings, templates, and more.

Just a few years ago, I was a stay-at-home mom running a small graphic design business. When that business took an unexpected hit in the summer of 2017, I dove into learning how to use social media to market my business. And then ... PLOT TWIST!

I Fell in Love.

I became obsessed with writing sales copy and helping my clients sell more of their products and services through strategic messaging and converting sales copy.

People started asking me what I was doing. They wanted to know how they could do it too, so I started creating trainings on how to write for sales and how to attract, land, and serve clients as a freelance copywriter. I launched Wordy Mama as a way to help other moms who love to write make money as freelance copywriters.

...That's When I Started Coaching!

Today, I Help My Clients & Students

Create More Impact, Income & Influence

with my sales copywriting services and my Wordy Mama mentorship and training programs.

Today, I Help My Clients & Students

Create More Impact, Income & Influence

with my sales copywriting services and my Wordy Mama mentorship and training programs.

What People Say About Working With

Christa Nichols

"Christa is one of the most talented copywriters I've ever encountered and someone I go to when I'm stuck and looking for copy that will absolutely dazzle my audience."
- Rachel Pedersen, The Viral Touch Agency & Social Media United

"The folks Christa produces through her system are amazing! They do a great job. They're very well-trained. It's given me faith that there are other people out there that can write copy." 
- Jim Edwards, Copywriting Secrets

"Since I have hired Christa as my coach and mentor, my business has pretty much exploded. I've been able to get insane results for all of my clients AND I've been able to find more clients." 

- Kristin Spencer, Literary Symmetry
Serving clients with copy that

Connects and Converts!

I specialize in creating high-ticket sales copy that dials in deep on EXACTLY what target audiences need to hear, know, and understand before investing in your offer.

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Wordy Mama Coaching

I help women who love to write build profitable copywriting businesses they love, even if they've never landed a client or made money as a writer before. From mindset to skillset, there's something here for Wordy Mamas at any level.

  • Wordy Mama Free Community. Where do all the word-nerd mamas who refuse to accept status quo and know they can have a profitable biz AND a family hang out? Right here!
  • Client Attraction Crash Course. A 7-day challenge that helps mamas launch freelance copywriting services in a week so they can start landing clients and writing their way to freedom!
  • Wordy Mama Portfolio Bootcamp. A standalone course that contains my entire blueprint for creating an impressive copywriting portfolio based on proven sales conversion frameworks. It works even if you're brand new!
  • Wordy Mama Copywriting Academy. Every system, framework, template, and training wordy mamas need to build a profitable business without sacrificing their family or their freedom - plus coaching, support and community.
  • Written Results Copywriter Certification. Learn the high-level messaging strategy, sales psychology, and conversion copy skills you need to get consistent results and land high-ticket clients to scale your sales copywriting business beyond 6-figures. 
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