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7 Messaging Hacks To Put More YOU In Your Content

“I don’t know how to promote myself. I feel like I’d just be saying the same old messaging ...

2 Systems Freelance Writers Need For Excellent Client Delivery

So you got yourself out there, booked a discovery call, and landed a client. Congratulations! You are well ...

5 Absolute Sales Must-Haves Every Freelance Writer Needs

We tell ourselves a lot of things when it comes to sales. While it’s true that sales can ...
lead generation

6 Super Simple Lead Generation Ideas For Freelance Writers

“Hi, my name is Christa Nichols, and Bart Miller told me to come over here and introduce myself ...

Visibility: 5 Things Writers Need to Take Their Skills From a Hobby to an Exciting Business

I’m not an entrepreneur. I don’t know how to run a business. Those were the words that lived ...
freelance writer

The SHOCKING Truth About 5 Things New Freelance Writers Say

I just spent the last week running a 5-day challenge for freelance writers. I'd never run a challenge ...
freelance writer

8 Dangers to Avoid as a Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer has been a great business decision for me. As with every profession, however, it ...
freelance writer

9 Insanely Profitable Niches For Freelance Writers

The potential for landing freelance writing clients is limitless. As long as people sell products and services - ...

8 Freelance Writer Success Secrets

Being a freelance writer is a great way for someone who loves to write to create an online ...
sales copywriting

8 Reasons To Use Your Writing Talents For Sales Copywriting

I spent 15 years as a graphic designer with a journalism degree (yes, I know those two things ...
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