LESSON 3: Laser Focus on Target Audience

So if sales conversion copy doesn’t start with words, what DOES it start with? Good sales conversion copy starts by knowing the target audience.

The target audience is the most important part of sales copy that converts. I could preach a whole sermon on this – it’s that important. A person could write the most beautiful piece of sales copy ever, but if you don’t KNOW the audience and write with them in mind, it’s just a bunch of words. People speak and read and think and sing thousands upon thousands of words per day. 

You want your sale copy to stand out and resonate with exactly who your clients are trying to reach. If you hear nothing else from what I’m saying today, hear this.

Without a target audience, there IS no offer.

Notes for Lesson 3 start on page 19 of the Foundations Workbook.

See page 13 of the Unit 1 Action Manual for the homework assignment for Lesson 3.

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