4 Ways Small Sales Copy Tweaks Can Make A Big Difference For A Business’ Bottom Line

Sales copy strategies for the win!

Every business owner and entrepreneur is always looking for ways to increase the revenue coming in, and if they can do it without sacrificing profits, even better! One the most cost effective ways to boost sales is to take a look at the sales copy in your funnels. 

Did you know that even small sales copy tweaks in your sales funnel can make a big difference in the amount of sales and conversion (and bottom line revenue and profits) for your business?

It’s true. There are very specific things you can do to make sure your sales copy is optimized to the hilt for more sales and conversions, and if you know what those things are, you can make those changes with minimal investment and time.

The best part is, optimizing your sales funnel copy affects more than just one aspect of your funnel flow. In fact, there are four ways small sales copy tweaks can make a big difference in your bottom line, and I’m going to reveal them to you one by one.

Now this is all good and well in theory, but what does the impact of sales copy optimization look like in terms of a real marketing campaign? I’m glad you asked, because there’s someone I need to introduce you to.

Meet Barry Magliarditi

Barry Magliarditi is an entrepreneur with several multi 7- and 8-figure businesses. I met Barry when he contacted me about rewriting the copy in the sales funnel for his Game Changer program, an online group coaching program for trades business owners that helps members triple their profits and double their time off in 12 months or less and create businesses that work without them.

He’s won numerous awards for the amount of sales out of his sales funnels, and he really knows the power of optimized sales copy when it comes to the effectiveness of his campaigns. 

In the remainder of this article, I’m going to break down the four ways small sales copy tweaks can make a big difference in your business’ bottom line, and I’ll show you how it continues to impact a real live business’ bottom line.

Increased Front-End Conversions 

The first way small sales copy tweaks can impact your bottom line is in the number of front end conversions your funnel captures. When your sales copy is optimized to attract the exact audience you serve, the free front-end offers will capture more leads. 

More leads equals more opportunities to engage and build a relationship with your ideal clients and customers then nurture them towards sales. This was one of Barry’s goals when we started working together. Barry wanted to get more leads from his lead magnet and free training video offer, so he hired me to rewrite the funnel copy. 

“For as long as I can remember, we ran a two-step funnel with an opt in for a lead magnet on the front end and an application upsell sales page on the back end,” Barry told me. “But, you know, although we were getting good conversions on the front end, we were seeing very few people book their own calls in the back end. 

Barry found that his team was having to make a lot of cold calls every week just to get people on a sales call. 

“The reason we essentially approached you or wanted to work with you is because we thought well, if we could probably improve the conversions on the front end, we could definitely improve the conversions on the back end.” 

So I got busy, rewrote the sales copy, and sent it over to Barry’s team. Did it work? Heck yeah it did!

“We started noticing initially there was a significant increase in the front end opt-in. Our opt in rates were already quite high, like 28 to 30% for an ebook,” said Barry. “We saw a significant increase from that with the optimized copy.”

More Calls Booked Straight From the Funnel

The second way small sales copy tweaks can impact the bottom line of your business is by getting more calls booked through the funnel. When the sales copy on the front-end offers is a super good fit for the exact target audience you serve, you’ll not only get more leads through the funnel, they’ll be better prospects.

And better prospects who hit an optimized book a call page that speaks directly to them results in more people choosing to book their own calls – and that was something Barry really, really wanted to achieve. 

“Although we were getting good conversions on the front end, we were seeing very few people book their own calls in the back end,” Barry said. “That meant my team had to make a lot of calls every week to basically cold call people, get them on the phones, and get them booked into a sales call.” 

Barry’s lead magnets were converting well, but once they left the free opt-in page, that was it – they didn’t take the next step to book a call on their own. His sales team was having to make 2,000 to 3,000 cold calls per WEEK to fill the sales call calendar. An effective booking page could have been doing some of the work FOR them.

All of that changed after the sales copy on the booking page was optimized. Here’s what Barry had to say about it.

“Because we’ve now been able to convey the message to them better, our connection rates and booking rates from those calls were higher than what we’d seen in the past,” he said. “But the greatest impact was the fact that we were seeing more people actually book calls through the sales page and through the five email sequence, which meant that my team in the back end had to do less work.”

Because the page’s sales copy was now an exact match for the audience, the audience felt much more connected to the offer.  Instead of the 2,000 to 3,000 cold calls per week, readers started booking calls themselves, cutting the number of cold calls down to just a third and freeing up his team to focus on other tasks more. 

More Well-Qualified Prospects

Having more leads and calls booked doesn’t mean much (besides wasted ad spend) if the people opting in aren’t actually a good fit for your offers. The challenge is finding the right message to attract the right audience, and that was my goal with Barry’s funnel.

Did it work? Yes! Barry immediately noticed that the quality of the leads we were attracting for him was better. 

“They’re physically putting themselves into a call,” explained Barry. “They’re a lot more qualified, which makes it a lot easier to close because they’re ready to hear what you have to say. They’ve chosen to be there, and they’re seeking you out instead of the other way around.”

No one likes having their time wasted – not the entrepreneur, the sales team, or the audience member who’s not a good fit for the offer. Zeroing in on the right copy for the audience helps save time and money.

More Sales From All Offers

Barry now had an even greater flow of well-qualified leads coming in who were booking themselves on sales calls, but the real question was going to be how that translated to sales closed.

One thing Barry already had going for him was a crack sales team. Once one of his sales team members got a well-qualified person on the phone, they closed 80 percent of the time. So now that they had more well-qualified persons booking calls, was it impacting his bottom line?

“Small incremental increases can have a significant impact on your bottom line. If you’re spending less time cold calling, you’re saving on the wages, sunk costs and overhead expenses of getting people on the phone,” said Barry. 

That was just the beginning for Barry though. He went on to explain that even one additional conversion a week of their $1,000 program would create a significant impact on the revenue of the business. 

“We’ve actually seen it’s far greater than one additional sale per week, and our sales team was able to convert easier,” he said. He also mentioned that because people were booking their own calls, the admin staff that scheduled the appointments now had the capacity to offer support in other areas of the business too.

“So you know, we’re not talking a small office here, we do have an established business,” said Barry. “We’re talking like a multiple six- or seven-figure difference that a small percentage can have on your business.”

See what I mean? Small tweaks, big difference!

How You Can Optimize

The great thing about funnel optimization is that if you know what to look for and what to do, anyone can optimize their sales funnel copy. Barry’s offers have served thousands of trades business owners and entrepreneurs, but he’ll always come back to the same core belief. 

“You can have a really dirty looking funnel, and I think it can convert like crazy if you have the right copy,” he said.

And you know what? He’s right. My work with Barry was a full rewrite based on information and copy he already had. You don’t have to do a complete rewrite to see a boost in your conversions though. I have a 5-step process that shows business owners and entrepreneurs  exactly what to change and how to change underperforming sales copy. 

I call this 5-step process the Funnel Copy Fix. Want me to teach it to you? Join me in my upcoming 5-day Funnel Copy Fix Challenge. It’s FREE, and each day I’ll break down one of my proven steps to funnel conversion and show you how to put them into action in your own funnels. By the end of the five days, you’ll have a simple, repeatable framework for making sure your sales funnel copy is fully optimized. 
Click here to learn more about the FREE Funnel Copy Fix 5-Day Challenge.

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