If you’re a copywriter, pay attention.

If your brain can take words and form messaging that communicates clearly, deeply, and meaningfully, lean in.

If your weapon of choice is a keyboard and your words can make people, laugh, cry, or sing, wake up. 

It’s time. Your job is more important than ever. People need you. Businesses need you. The world needs you. 

Words in a Time of Quarantine

I’m not a doctor or a nurse, not a respiratory therapist or lung specialist. I’m not fighting on the front lines to save people’s lives from a deadly virus that destroys lungs and lives. No one can take the place of these and other brave public servants who daily sacrifice their own health for others.

We owe them all a debt of gratitude that can’t be repaid, although we can try. There are things we can do that help protect them and the job they do from afar. We can stay home. We can practice social distancing. We can wash our hands, pray for them, and practice kindness. 

And if you’re a copywriter like me, you can use your talent with words to serve your clients in a time of quarantine. This is no time to freeze up or sit idly by. 

We have work to do.

Words are powerful, but then I don’t have to tell you that because you already know. You wouldn’t be a copywriter if you didn’t. Even though the current circumstances our world is facing is such new territory for everyone that it seems to defy description … 

… there are still a whole lot of people out there who need what your words can do. I know we can’t heal a pandemic. We can’t fix a shut-down economy. But during times of high stress and crisis, each person can step up and do what they can to lighten the load for others.

As service providers, some of our others are our clients and the businesses we write for. Does what we do make a difference for what they’re going through now? Heck yes! Here are three ways you can step up as a copywriter and use your words to serve your clients during crisis.

Reach Out to Your Clients

The first thing copywriters should do when any kind of crisis occurs is check in with their clients. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with how circumstances are affecting you and your business, but remember – they ARE your business. Now is not the time to freeze up, panic, or hide.

Make a phone call or send an email, DM, or voice message just to let them know you’re thinking about them right now. Let them know you’re here for them, and ask them if there’s anything you can help them with that would make navigating what they’re going through any easier. Here’s an example of a message I sent to my clients during the first few days of social distancing.

Dear Client,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you and your family. I know that this are troubling times, and I wanted you to know that I am here and ready to serve you as you sereve your clients and customers right now. We’re all communicating a bit differently right now, and if you need any help going over your messaging or sales copy so it effectively reaches your audience where they are right now, I’d be glad to hop on a call. 

Most of all, your health and safety is important to me, and I appreciate you,


It’s tempting to think, “Oh, I can’t reach out to my clients right now. That just seems icky- like I’m asking for work when they’re already super stressed.”


If you DON’T reach out to them and let them know you’re here when they and their clients and customers are in crisis, you are not serving them well. You’re abandoning them in their time of need. 

Connect With Your Audience

The next thing a copywriter should do is check in with their audience. Don’t forget about the people who follow you and your business page on social media. And your email list – they’re still there too. The same people who follow you and consume your content because they want to learn from you or just plain like you and think you’re cool need to hear from you now.

You don’t have to put on a brave face. These are your people. They want to connect with another human right now, so show up. Post about what you’re doing in your business to help others right now. Commiserate about the trials of becoming an overnight homeschool teacher. Encourage them to share what’s going on where they are.

There’s one crazy thing I’m doing right now that’s bringing people joy. Several times a week, I go Live on Facebook with what I call “Goat Therapy.” Dr. Fraaank (my goat) is in, and he’s just the gosh darn happiest goat ever that he makes everyone smile. 

Does this have anything to do with my business? Nope. But it’s fun, and people need that right now. Your followers do, your clients do, and you know what? You need it too. Don’t isolate yourself. We’re all in this together.

Serve with Your Business

The last way you can use your words to serve is going to require a bit more effort, but you can do it. I want you to come up with something you can offer for free that will help people who are struggling right now.

I live in a really rural area. There are more farms and small businesses out here than influencers and 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs, the people I usually serve. My heart broke for small business owners because I know social distancing will most likely affect their livelihoods dramatically. 

As the owner of a small business myself, I wanted to help. There’s no way I can sit down and write sales copy for them all, and to be honest, that’s not necessarily their most urgent need right now. But as someone whose built two businesses from the ground up, I do know a little something about running a business from home.

THAT’S something that interests a whole lot of people right now. I created a PDF that listed my top 10 favorite online tools that I use every day in my home office. I gave a short description of each one, what they do, and how I use them in. Then I put it out there and gave it away for free.

That crazy little lead magnet has added almost 1000 people to my email list in the last three weeks at just $.60 each. That’s insane – and it’s all because I looked for a way I could offer something they need with no strings.

Now it’s your turn. Asking yourself these three questions will help you zero in on some ideas for your audience: 

  • What problems are my followers and target audience members facing today?
  • What are their biggest challenges and concerns right now?
  • What information could I give that will help support them right now?

There’s an added benefit in this for you as well. Not only are you serving, but you’re widening your reach and gaining visibility and street cred as someone who has valuable knowledge and cares about others. 

Guess who they will come to when they DO need help with their copy? 

I’m also a copy coach with a series of courses on how to create solid messaging frameworks that are the foundation for copy that converts. Some of the people who downloaded my free guide may be looking for a way to learn skills that will them help generate income from home that doesn’t require a lot of overhead and is in high demand right now. 

Now that we’re connected, I can continue to serve them with my courses and trainings as well.

​Copywriters, we’ve got to get creative because our clients and target audiences need us. They need us to show up and help them pivot their messaging so they can serve their clients and customers better. They need us to show up and share our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work. 

Words matter, so let’s get busy!

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