Step One: Put your offer out there.

Step Two: Start running traffic.

Step Three: Wait … and wait … and wait … for people to buy.

Yeah, that’s fun.

There are three things entrepreneurs tell themselves when things don’t go the way they hoped when their offers hit the market. Understanding these three things can help keep things in perspective so you know exactly what to do to get things back on track.

The Offer Is The Problem
“My offer isn’t any good. There’s something wrong with what I’m putting out there. There’s a missing some feature or bonus or the content isn’t good enough. I need to change my ads or have a professional video.”

What what if people have bought and tested your offer already, and they give it rave reviews. They’re getting the result they want from it. If that’s the case, we can safely assume it’s not your offer.

The Audience Is The Problem
“I don’t have the right audience. I’m targeting the wrong people. I need to go back and test some different audiences because the people I thought would want this, don’t.”
It’s always good to test audiences, but if everyone who has tested and loved your offer were from that audience, then audience isn’t your problem either.

I Am The Problem
“It’s my fault. I’m not the right person to be the face of this offer. I don’t have what it takes. I’m not smart enough. I am not a good enough speaker. I’m not pretty enough or handsome enough. I don’t have enough money.”

You and only you can reach the people who need what you have. When you start believing that you’re just believing a lie. They need you – your audience needs you. Trust me, it’s something else. Something else is going on behind the scenes that’s keeping your offer from converting.

And that something is most likely an issue with your messaging.

You need a solid messaging framework for everything you’re going to say about your offer. Not only will it help you dial in on the exact people who need it, but it will save you time and energy trying to figure out what to say.

Get started building yours today with my tried-and-true quick guide on the ​8 Must-Ask Questions Entrepreneurs Need To Answer For Copy That Connects & Converts.

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