Entrepreneurs usually choose one of three routes when it comes to creating sales copy for their offers: hire a copywriter, use a script, or write it themselves. Which one is the most effective … or is it something else entirely?

Option #1: Hire a copywriter. As a copywriter myself, I think this is a great idea. Ha! I’m just kidding. Hiring a copywriter can be very effective way to have excellent sales copy created, but it’s not a bulletproof option. It may not work out exactly as you hoped because there are so many factors still out of your control.

First of all, the quality of your copy will depend on how skilled the copywriter is and what types of copy they specialize in. The quality of your copy will also depend on the information you give the copywriter. If you aren’t super clear on who your target audience is, what they want and need, and what you need to say, it can be really hard for the copywriter to turn that into something that’s really going to appeal to your audience.

Option #2: Use a script. Using a purchased script can be a cost effective way to create sales copy. Many people enjoy the plug-and-play ease of taking something that’s been proven to work and putting their own information in.

Scripts can be helpful to use as an outline. The problem lies in the way many try scripts without knowing how to optimize them for their own content. Sales scripts can come off as cold and impersonal, and it’s hard to let your voice come through a plug-and-play format.

Option #3: Write It Yourself. Many entrepreneurs also choose to write their own sales copy. They’ll sit down and brain dump everything they think might be effective. While a brain dump can be super helpful too when it comes to processing and working through information, it’s will need a lot of work before it’s optimized for sales.

Writing the sales copy itself can be a time-consuming, frustrating undertaking, especially if writing doesn’t come easily.

There’s something missing from all three of these common options. None of them include a solid foundation or framework for your messaging. A messaging framework is vital to creating high-converting sales copy that’s dialed in on exactly what you need in order to connect with your audience right where they’re at and lead them on a journey straight to the Buy Now button. After all …

… If you don’t yet know what you need to say and what your audience needs to hear, how can you tell a copywriter what they need to know in order to create your copy?

… If you’re not sure what your target audience is thinking or what they want and need, how can you put that into a script? You run the risk of copying and pasting someone else’s audiences wants and needs into your marketing, and that’s NOT good.

… If you’re not clear on exactly what questions or objections your audience might have, your brain dump copy is going to fall short. You’ll end up having to answer a lot of questions later when they could have been answered already.

Think about the framework of your messaging BEFORE you write copy, because that’s going to be the foundation that all of it will be built on.

If you want to learn more about the foundational things you need to address for high-converting sales copy, download my free guide with 8 Must-Ask Questions For Copy That Converts

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