I write for entrepreneurs who offer amazing services and products – services and products that change lives and make the world a better place – and every single one has the same pain point. They all have the same question.

“Why is writing for my own offers so hard?”

I tell you what, I can so relate! I’m a messaging expert and high-ticket sales copywriter, and writing for my own offers is harder for me, too. Why? It takes a massive amount of effort to disconnect yourself from your offer.

Think about it. You’ve spent the last few weeks, months, even years creating, testing, and perfecting your offer. It’s something you’ve put your heart and soul into. You’ve spent hours and hours (probably quite a bit of money) into putting together the perfect offer for your target audience.

You’ve focused on getting testimonials.

You’ve focused on describing the modules and the features.

You’ve focused on building in lots of value.

You’re so deep into your offer that by the time you get to the part where you have to actually write the sales copy, it’s a struggle to unplug yourself from the offer and put yourself back into the mind of your target audience.

And that’s a problem. If you can’t find a way to disconnect from the offer long enough to put yourself into the mind of your target audience, you will lose the audience. Without connecting with what they want, need, feel, think, desire … you get the idea … all you’re doing is giving a rundown of things they could read about on the order form page.

Your offer is nothing without your target audience. They are who the offer is for, and I can’t overemphasize the importance of knowing your target audience like the back of your hand. Lack of connection with the target audience is a major factor in sales copy that falls flat.

That’s why the first thing I do when I work with clients is walk them through exactly how to figure out what their audience is thinking and feeling. When they know what their audience is thinking and feeling, they will know exactly what to say in order to make it crystal clear that their offer is the solution.

My clients are amazing. It’s awesome to see the light bulb go on and watch them have that moment of, “Yes, this is why I do this! I remember the person that I’m serving. I remember why this is so important to them.”

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re in that place right now …

… staring at everything in your offer, trying to decide the exact words to say to help your audience see how valuable it is and how much it’s going to help them …

… disconnect from the offer for a little bit.

Time to take your brain outside of the offer and look at the person behind it. Look at the person that you’re serving. Your sales copy will be so much better when it specifically addresses the needs, wants, and desires they have and bring it around full circle to point to how your offer is the solution.

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